All About Pocket Full of Stitches...

     Pocket Full of Stitches came into being in September 1983,almost in the blink of an eye.  Rhea and Nancy, sisters-in-law, were talking about not being able to find the variety of needlework they wanted to do.  Rhea's kids were in school all day and Nancy, a newlywed had just moved back to Lubbock.  So, they decided to open a shop filled with the stitching that they loved.

     A TNNA market was being held in Dallas two weeks later.  They got very busy, found a store front (when a leasing agent asked about their prior experience - Rhea popped off, "We like to shop!"), secured a tax # and left for market.  And here they are 24 years later - still stitching and having fun.!




We often refer to Pocket Full of Stitches as PFOS.  This is a word!! At least here it is.  It is pronounced:           p-foss

Just in case you wondered!!

All About Our Ladies. . .

Meg - this young mother of 3 has been with us the longest - 17 years! She came to us straight out of Texas Tech and  stitches like a fiend!  Joan - our "needlepoint guru".  She loves threads and canvases and can think of the most wonderful stitches to use! Devon - is the mother of two boys.  She loves to display and is always creating "scenes" around the store!   Sara - is a quilter at heart, but is  stitch addicted and added needlepoint to her love of stitching.   Megan is our keeper of the clubs - She always knows the answer to who got what!!  She is a jewel!   Paige has been the owner of a quilt shop and has wonderful retail experience, she always has fun ideas!  Anna is our resident Texas Tech University student, and she keeps us laughing while she ships!  Rhea -the heartbeat of PFOS - keeps the store running and always full of the newest and best in needlework.  She wakes up at 3:00 in the morning with wonderful ideas and then stays up to stitch!!  Nancy - is glued to the chair in front of the computer, pays bills and works on the website!   It's a whole new world and one she loves!

We love our Pocket Full of Stitches family and you will, too!  Each of our ladies are excellent stitchers and love to work with all types of needlework.  They can help you find just what you need and inspire you in the process!

All About Lubbock . . .

Pocket Full of Stitches welcomes you to Lubbock!! -  home of Texas Tech University (Go Red Raiders!), the prairie dog, and Buddy Holly!  We are on the southern part of the Great Plains, known as the South Plains or the lower panhandle of Texas.  Our community is a crossroads for travel in West Texas.

Lubbock has over 208,000 residents and is a major medical center for West Texas and the surrounding area.  Producing 20 percent of the nation's cotton, Lubbock also has award winning wineries. Agriculture, education, medicine and technology make Lubbock a thriving community.

Lubbock is also known for the friendliness of our citizens. You cannot find nicer people anywhere. People speak to others on the street, are courteous and helpful.  Folks smile around here!  We practice this attitude at Pocket Full of Stitches and you will not find a friendlier, more knowledgeable staff anywhere.   Perhaps this attitude exists because we are all stitch-addicted and want to share our love of needlework!

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